April 17, 2020

This is my first real-time character I've made from scratch. I wanted to make a post-apocalyptic character that could belong in a world like Fallout or the Metro series. She goes by Jane. She is a small woman who relies on her tactical awareness to stay alive in an unforgiving wasteland. She is cold-hearted and manipulative. She has some military training and now makes a living robbing and murdering travelers and those who underestimate her. I wrote a short backstory to help define who she was and help with her character design. (Warning I'm not a writer).

Jane's Backstory

                Jane was stationed at Pearl Harbor working as a pilot in the Airforce before the bombs fell. She was stationed with her husband, Daniel, who worked as a flight technician. Jane got pregnant at the age of 18 with her daughter Mala. 6 years later Mala had just lost her first baby tooth and was waiting for the tooth fairy when the emergency sirens overwhelmed the ambient night.

                The bombs fell on September 2nd, 2015. Hawaii was one of the only places left untouched. Virtually all the major cities were hit catastrophically. The people of Hawaii came together as a community to support themselves as contact with the mainland withered. For 3 years Hawaii remained stable and self-sufficient although not without sacrifices. On July 9th, 2018, a coalition of pirates invaded Hawaii. The Hawaiians attempted to negotiate, unfortunately, the terms included half the island to be enslaved and the Hawaiians were outnumbered 7 to 1. They were in no position to counteroffer. They declined the terms and battle ensued. The pirates were well-equipped and made quick work of the front lines. Chaos claimed the island, and many were lost to murder, rape, and enslavement. Looting ravaged the homes of the former inhabitants.

                Jane, Mala, and Daniel escaped the initial pillaging and took shelter in an abandoned treehouse. They joined a handful of other survivors and camped in the forest. One of the survivors had a boat docked near the shore, and they planned to sneak back through their former homes and get to the docks to prepare a boat. They managed to steal some supplies from an old military base which included a couple of pistols and 2 boxes of bullets. Once night fell the pirates began celebrating and most were very drunk. They had caught most of the other survivors and caged them near the docks. As the survivors began sneaking, they were spotted by the caught survivors and they began whispering “help us!” Unfortunately, they had no means of saving them and could not spare any space on the boat regardless. The group decided to just move on, but the enslaved survivors frantically begged and caught the attention of a group of pirates.

                The group of survivors cut through the houses, but the pirates were right on them and were firing at them with their AK-47s. A couple of men including Daniel laid down some suppressing fire to give the others a little bit more time. They quickly ran out of bullets and retreated. A couple of survivors found the boat, but it was locked up and had to be prepped hastily. Jane picked up Mala and hid in a boathouse near the docks. As bullets whizzed by the group got split up and many were killed while trying to escape. Daniel happened to see Jane go into the boathouse and followed.

                Daniel was wounded but they could hear the pirates outside the boathouse. They knew it was only a matter of time until they were found, and they had to act quickly, or they would lose their chance to escape. With no words, Daniel looked at Jane, and took off his grandfather’s watch and gave it to Jane. Jane in tears grabbed Mala. Daniel opened the main doors while Jane crawled out a window with Mala. She began sprinting to the docks hearing the now unmistakable “ka-chings” of assault rifles.

                The pirates caught on to Jane and Daniels’ plan and pursued her. Luckily, they were too drunk to hit anything outside of a couple of feet. Jane found the docks but the boat they planned on taking was still chained up. Jane noticed a blood trail to one of the pirate’s boats. With no time to turn back, she followed it to find several survivors who had just got the boat started. Jane could feel the force of bullets passing by her as she lifted Mala onto the boat. The boat began pulling away and Jane barely jumped on in time.

                As she sighed relief, she simultaneously noticed Mala holding her stomach. Jane’s heart sank as Mala’s pink t-shirt began turning red. Mala fell to her knees with Jane catching her. Mala in shock muttered “I wanna go home!” over and over again. Jane reacted ripping a piece off her shirt to plug the wound. Jane kept saying “its ok, it’s going to be ok!” as she held Mala. Jane screamed for help, but only 3 other people had made it to the boat, and they needed to navigate the waters. Jane, while rocking Mala back and forth kept whispering “No, no, no, no, stay awake honey!” Jane soon felt her go limp. Her eyes were so watered she was spared the sight of her limp body. Jane always keeps Mala’s fist baby tooth with her.