Details: Fun personal project/portfolio piece. I set out to make a modular m4 system that I could get into UE4 and be able to change out attachments. Right now it sits at about 60k tris with all attachments. Ya.. its a bit generous but I got carried away with some of the attachments. My thought process was to make the sights poly dense since the weapon was intended to be seen from first-person. Most of the work was done in Blender and Substance Painter however I did jump into ZBrush to touch up a few pieces of it and to create box outs of certain parts. Extra: Had to throw in some flare for all you goofy goobers out there wink I made a couple of other versions of the texture including factory black, worn black, tan, and Space Force. I'll get around to sharing those later.

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COWBOY | Blondie

Real-time character Blondie from "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." I used the 3d scan store male base mesh and sculpted it in ZBrush. Marvelous Designer for the clothing, Blender to Retopo, model, UV, and render using the Eevee real-time renderer. Lastly, I used Substance Painter to texture and bake. The male base mesh comes with a great albedo skin texture so I used that as a base and added extra details like redness in the cheeks and lips, etc.

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After a long day of blasting radioactive mutant squirrels we all like to enjoy a cold one, but who has space for a bottle-opener? With the Rusty 1911 just pistol whip that bottle right open and enjoy that smooth beverage. _ This is a portfolio piece I've been working on. It is inspired by concept art from Ivan Taranenko, here is a link to his page.

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This is my first real-time character I've made from scratch. I wanted to make a post-apocalyptic character that could belong in a world like Fallout or the Metro series. She goes by Jane. She is a small woman who relies on her tactical awareness to stay alive in an unforgiving wasteland. She is cold-hearted and manipulative. She has some military training and now makes a living robbing and murdering travelers and those who underestimate her.

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