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Hey! I’m Carter Sheffield. Thank you for stopping by. I’m a Graphic Designer from Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m currently studying at UNL and I am set to graduate May 2020. I focus on creating beautifully designed websites complimented with stunning motion graphics. 

From a young age I’ve had a passion for design. I was constantly trying to customize things to fit my idea. I started school as an electrical engineer and was slowly steered towards a more creative route. 

There is nothing quite like a beautifully designed animation to bring any logo or typeface to life. I prefer working in 3D but I also know 2D graphics as well. My animation expertise includes concepting, 3D modeling, sound design, and storyboarding.  

I’ve spent many late nights coding pages in html, css, and a bit of javascript. I’m also familiar with WordPress. Check out the My Skills page to see all that I have to offer in web design. 

I’ve done several freelancing jobs for various local bars including Grata Bar & Lounge. I also interned at Raisin Canes where I worked on marketing, social media, and branding.

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