Sea Savers

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Our Mission

We are a mid-west organization dedicated to serving those in need. Our goal is to provide life jackets to those in need. By using this buy-one-give-one method we will be able to save the lives of many who do not have access to these safety resources. For every life jacket you purchase, we donate one to someone in need.

Camp Good Grief

Our primary donation receiver is Camp Good Grief. This camp is for children who’s parents have recently passed away. Here they can cope and learn to live with their travesty.

Super Hero Mind Set

Parents are letting their children get on water without a life jacket. The current mind-set of some parents is that if there child falls in deep water they would easily be able to save them. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Many times it can happen so quick that there is simply not enough time to react to the situation.

Our Journey

We are hoping to make waves by donating 1 life jacket to a child for every one that is purchased. Together we can make an impact on this issue.

You can also help by purchasing a life jacket for a child. We will match your donation.

Lastly, if you have an old life jacket you would like to donate you can send it via the same box your order came in. You can also send any old life jacket without ordering from our site. We just ask that the life jacket be in usable condition.

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of drowning deaths could have been prevented with a proper life jacket

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